Our tools - three steps to high performance

TeamQ Indicator™

TeamQ Indicator™ provides insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the team. We map the team’s performance in specific project stages, look for inter-relational synergy, high-performance potential and assess the expected completion capability of the team.

TeamQ Indicator Individual™

TeamQ Indicator Individual™ provides insights into the strengths, weaknesses and contributions of individual members. We look for competencies and motivational aspects along with how the individual contributes and collaborates within the team.

TeamQ Development Agenda™

TeamQ Development Agenda™ provides insight into how the team and individual members can plan, execute and follow up on aspects of the team’s strengths, exposures and opportunities for development.


Leadership is a collaborative effort. Whether launching an important corporate initiative, investing in a start-up or acquiring a business, the driving force behind success or failure is often the leadership team.

The first step to understanding a leadership team’s ability to deliver on a demanding challenge, on time with the required quality, is to assess and benchmark the team. How does it compare to other teams and what can it learn from them? This will enable the team to efficiently and effectively map business-critical competences, mile stones and development objectives. The team will hereby also be able to identify any new talent it may need to attract.


About our team and methodology

We are experienced leaders, management consultants and business psychologists. We are entrepreneurs with a solid understanding of teamwork and have made investment decisions relying on our ability to assess, select and develop teams that deliver results.

Our methodology builds on decades of academic research and business practice within leadership and occupational and personality testing. Our proprietary methods, processes and templates are relevant and easy to apply for both the team, individuals and HR.

Peter Neville

Peter Neville

Peter is an organisational psychologist with considerable experience within change management, with a special emphasis on leadership, people and culture. He has worked as a coach, advisor and process consultant in connection with organisational, strategic and technological changes in Scandinavia, Britain and Spain. He speaks English, Swedish and Danish fluently.

Morten Falck Larsen

Morten Falck Larsen

Morten has more than 30 years of experience in strategy, change management and Strategy Execution. Morten has a background as managing director of several medium-sized Danish companies, where he successfully has built companies and organizations with a leadership style charaterised by coaching, openness and motivation.


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